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The International Dyslexia Association, Los Angeles Branch is a non-profit organization that serves Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and parts of Orange County. The Los Angeles County Branch is dedicated to stimulating awareness and understanding of dyslexia, to establish and promote the treatment of dyslexia and to give support to dyslexics and their families. Our purpose is accomplished through many free or low cost community programs by a group of hard working volunteers.



Experience Dyslexia®
A Learning Disabilities
Simulation Workshop



Experience Dyslexia®, developed by the NCB IDA, is a learning disabilities simulation workshop. The Los Angeles County Branch of IDA is pleased to present this workshop to area schools and organizations. The simulation is a hands-on experience that lets participants experience some of the challenges and frustrations that people with this language-based learning disability face each day. The simulation provides a lively, thought-provoking experience for teachers, parents, and anyone interested in better understanding the lives of individuals with dyslexia.


The workshop, lead by facilitators from the Los Angeles County IDA, consists of six learning stations that simulate different language-related learning tasks encountered in the classroom or workplace. Station leaders guide participants through each 8-minute activity, followed by a brief discussion. When all participants have completed the six stations, participants will gather for a general debriefing led by the facilitators. The entire workshop lasts one-and-a half to two hours, depending on discussion time.


  1. Beginning Reading
    Participants read and comment on a “nonsense” book
  2. Auditory Figure-Ground
    Participants “go on a field trip” while contending with background noise.
  3. Visual-Motor Writing
    Participants write and trace while looking at the reflection of their paper in a mirror.
  4. Letter-Word Identification
    Participants read text, which lacks proper spacing.
  5. Copying and Writing
    Participants write and trace using their non-dominant hand.
  6. Auditory Discrimination

          Participants listen to a tape recording of a teacher administering a spelling test and are asked to spell the words they hear.



A 2008 study published in Literacy Research and Instruction, Volume 47, No. 4, 2008, using materials from the simulation clearly showed that participation increased awareness of dyslexia among teachers-in-training.


I found it extremely eye-opening to put myself in the shoes of a dyslexic learner. I thought I had an idea what students with dyslexia felt, but I really didn’t. I was frustrated when doing the tasks and can only imagine what a student with dyslexia must feel every day. – a simulation participant



To schedule a workshop for your school or organization, please contact The Los Angeles Branch of IDA at


Experience Dyslexia® is available as a reusable kit for purchase from the Northern California IDA at