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The International Dyslexia Association, Los Angeles Branch is a non-profit organization that serves Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and parts of Orange County. The Los Angeles County Branch is dedicated to stimulating awareness and understanding of dyslexia, to establish and promote the treatment of dyslexia and to give support to dyslexics and their families. Our purpose is accomplished through many free or low cost community programs by a group of hard working volunteers.





Lainie Donnell

The Social Neuroscience of Education: Optimizing Attachment and Learning in the Classroom, by Louis Cozolino (Norton, 2013)

Neuroscience proves that the brain is primarily a social organ that develops best in close, secure contact with others.  Cozolino explains how supportive, caring relationships in low-stress environments stimulate a child’s neural circuitry to learn.  This starts in infancy with parents or caregivers and continues during a child’s experience with teachers in school.  The author investigates what the best teachers do to stimulate the minds of even the most “unteachable” students and along the way lends hope to parents and teachers of challenging children everywhere.